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Sage x Zion
DOB 10-16-2019

Ferrari "Enzo" 
Enzo is a silver mink little boy.  If I'm sitting, he is usually in my lap!  Sweet snuggly & playful kitty!  Enzo will be neutered 01/14/2020 and after recovery, ready for his forever family

Lakeleopardz Lavender x Glamshine Navajo
DOB 12-05-2019

These kittens will all be beautifully contrasted in rich coloring.  Lavender had 5 kittens.  2 male and 3 female.  One of the boys and one of the girls are longhair bengals.

Boy 1, Brown Spotted Bengal Long Hair 

Boy 2, Brown Spotted 

 Girl 1, Brown Spotted Long Hair

Girl 2, Brown Spotted sh

Girl 3, Brown Spotted Long Hair

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 Previous KatzMeow Kittens

Silver Kittens!

Sterling - Cashmere (longhair) silver spotted boy

Smoky - Silver spotted cashmere boy

Javier's Girl - Silver spotted girl

Silver Snow Mink Kittens!

Jag is a silver charcoal mink spotted cashmere (long hair) bengal.
Newborn pics below!  Markings will become more prominent as he develops

Silver Snow Lynx Kittens!

Katzmeow Billion Dollar Babies
"Coop" is a silver charcoal lynx spotted cashmere (long hair) bengal.


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