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"General Lee"
 Glam Shine Navajo of KatzMeow
DOB 06/05/14

General Lee is a super lovable brown spotted cashmere (long haired) boy.  He is super sweet, just wants to be held and loved on!  Looking forward to producing cashmere bengals in 2016!
HCM tested clear in December 1, 2017.  PK-D N/N.

Future Kings

LakeLeopardz Zion of KatzMeow

Still having to pinch myself!  I am so thankful to Micky with Lakeleopardz Bengals for this special boy.  Zion is my 4th Lakeleopardz kitty!   Micky and I share a dream of producing the best of the best in cashmere bengals.  Along with Lakeleopardz, our goal is to create stunning Charcoal Snow Cashmere kittens.  Zion is a solid silver mink, carrying LH.  He will be the foundation of our charcoal snow cashmere program.  

Previous (Retired) Kings

Charybdis Head Honcho of KatzMeow
DOB 12/04/14

A million thanks to my great friend Shirli Place with Raindancers Bengals and NWBengals for making this boy ours.  Honcho is a super typey brown spotted boy.  He carries snow lynx.  He is JUST as his name implies, loud and in charge!  Very loving, vocal, and very busy.

Honcho was not happy living the stud life so he retired young and is living the pampered pet life now!
HCM tested clear in October of 2015.   

   Ringo of DarkSecret
DOB 02/28/14
Ringo is our Double Charcoal carrier (Apb/Apb).  He has produced stunning kittens for us and is a doll!
 HCM tested clear in November of 2014.   

  KatzMeow SnoJangles
DOB 04/17/13 
HCM tested clear in June of 2015.  

 SierraGold All That of KatzMeow
DOB 11/29/09

Frankie is a super lovable open patterned marble boy.  He came to us at 12 weeks of age, purring and making biscuits right out of his crate!  He is the cornerstone to our marble program and produces super healthy large lovable kittens!

HCM tested clear in May of 2014.  

 DarkSecret Ash of KatzMeow
DOB 10/22/15

Ash is out of Ringo and Java from our charcoal program.  He is possibly AVAILABLE as a proven stud.  Ash carries Snow Lynx, and Apb/Apb  PK-D N/N

 Southlynn Mr. Gibbs of KatzMeow
DOB 12/11/10
Gibbs came to us from our good friend Leslie at Amazon Bengals!  Lucky for us, Priscilla with Southlynn Bengals gave her blessing.  Gibbs carries sepia and is pure for spotting.

HCM tested clear in November of 2013.  PK-D N/K.  As a carrier, Gibbs will only be bred with N/N females.  None of the kittens will be affected.

 Southlynn Kona of KatzMeow
DOB 02/06/12
Kona is our social butterfly!  He loves ALL other kitties, including the other Kings.  He thinks they should all love him as well!  He IS our snow marble program and we cannot wait to see his offspring in 2014!  A  million thanks to Priscilla of SouthLynn Bengals for perfect boy!

HCM tested clear in April of 2014.   PK-D N/N by parentage.

Retired Pet
HCM tested clear in November of 2013.   PK-D N/K.


 KatzMeow Silver Asset
DOB 02/15/17

Sterling is out of General Lee and Uzuri from our cashmere program.  Sterling carries non-agouti and is a long haired bengal, more commonly referred to as cashmere.

HCM screened clear December 1, 2017  

Pics coming soon


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