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  Nocoatkitty Fireball of Scandalous
DOB 01/20/15
Fireball is one of a kind, wonderful!  He's a BIG boy and a super cuddler. 

  Nocoatkitty Jezebel of Scandalous
DOB 02/21/15

Another Nocoatkitty production!  Sweet Jezebel!  Cannot wait to see her kittens in the future.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful.

  KatzMeow Cheshire Cat
DOB 11/28/15

Our Grand Champion Molly's production!  Chelly is due to have kittens in early march.  

Future Queen
  Mighty Bare Black Magic Woman
DOB 08/13/16

Granddaughter to Molly.  Our little spitfire girl from our great friend Tara Hackett with Mighty Bare Sphynx in WA.  We are enjoying this little girl so much!

RETIRED Breeders and Pets!


 Baldfantasea Ms Molly of KatzMeow
DOB 07/27/11

Good golly Ms Molly!  Well, as Bengal breeders all I can say is SPHYNX are awesome!  We have two sphynx boys (pets) and love them so much that we knew we had to have more.  Molly is our only breeding female.  She is such a wonderful and loving mother.  The only bad thing about breeding sphynx kittens is having to let them go!

One of our pets

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