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We have 2 beautiful available kittens!

Sage x Zion
DOB 04-26-2020

Boy1, Silver Charcoal - Available

Boy2, Silver - Available

Boy3, Silver - Reserved

Boy4, Charcoal Mink - RESERVED

Boy5, Snow Lynx Cashmere - RESERVED

Silver Snow Lynx Girl -Reserved

Luna x Zion
DOB 05/17/2020

One snow lynx boy, he will be charcoal or solid
Pics will be posted soon

 Email or call for more information:



I answer all emails and text messages very promptly.

 Previous KatzMeow Kittens

Silver Kittens!

Sterling - Cashmere (longhair) silver spotted boy

Smoky - Silver spotted cashmere boy

Javier's Girl - Silver spotted girl

Silver Snow Mink Kittens!

Jag is a silver charcoal mink spotted cashmere (long hair) bengal.
Newborn pics below!  Markings will become more prominent as he develops

Silver Snow Lynx Kittens!

Katzmeow Billion Dollar Babies
"Coop" is a silver charcoal lynx spotted cashmere (long hair) bengal.


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